Family Owned Since 1944

From A Vision

In 1944, Roy Strom and his son, George, founded The Roy Strom Company. All they had to start with were a pooled investment of $900 and a six-wheel dump truck. The fledgling business, run from the Strom residence on Chicago’s West Side, hauled dirt, stone, and refuse.

After doing quality excavating and hauling work for the Milwaukee Railroad, the Roy Strom Company was recommended to many of the railroad’s freight customers to provide scavenger service. This led to the creation of Roy Strom Refuse Service, Inc. To this day, the Roy Strom name is highly respected in the railroad industry. We continue to honor that history through our unique logo, inspired by the Milwaukee Railroad’s famed Hiawatha Line.

The Company Quickly Expanded

As the company continued to grow, the headquarters was moved to a new location on Long Avenue in Chicago. Soon, the hauling fleet was expanded and excavating equipment was acquired to meet the demands of the growing business.

Continued Growth

By 1961, the Roy Strom Company outgrew its Long Avenue facility and moved to its current location in Maywood, Illinois. The Excavating and Refuse Collection companies, a recycling processing center, a permitted landscape waste facility, and a fully permitted MSW Transfer facility are all operating on the recently expanded site. The company is also approved to process construction/demolition debris at the conveniently located Maywood location.

Roy Strom passed away in 1965 at the age of 65. His son George (who passed away in 2009) solidified his father’s vision, and now George’s son, Roy, is skillfully guiding the company’s growth and success for a third generation.