How to Compare Files in Notepad++

Copying information from a website and pasting it directly in email usually results in the websites formatting coming along for the ride. Instead, paste the text in Textdoc first, then from Textdoc into email to strip out all of the formatting. Edit, Share, Save to Drive as a Doc or Download the file to your device.

  • It has different packages which provide different functions.
  • KDiff3 is a free visual file comparison software.
  • We can open this JSON file in any normal text editor but different Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS use a variety of tools to open the JSON file.

Note that the “TOP ” clause can be uncommented to limit the number of rows returned for testing. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio — I use SSMS to manage SQL Server databases and create, test, and run SQL queries. Other tools may be available, but this one is free and is available here. Microsoft SQL Server — I use the free version of this database management system called SQL Server 2019 Express, which you can download here.

Articles about Notepad++

The project was started in September 2003 by Don Ho. Notepad++ supports various languages, has a wide range of features and plugins, and is highly customizable. Notepad++ is a popular text editor that is available for Windows operating systems only. It can be used to edit and view text files, as well as other types of files such as HTML, XML, and programming code. You can also click on the Plugins, then Compare, and choose the Settings option to further configure Compare plugin options. The colors for differences can be changed for Compare plugin too.

First, you need to install Python on your computer. Open this link and download the setup file for your platform. Now we are inside the demo folder where we have saved the Java program. In the next step, we will compile and run the Java program. In this section, we will learn how to save, compile, and run a Java program in Command Prompt using notepad. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes.


Brackets is currently available in 38 different languages. Brackets can be the best notepad++ alternatives for Mac users. This text editor mainly belongs to Adobe, the most famous Photoshop app.

Grokking the API Documentation

You can download it from the official website both as a 32-bit and 64-bit version. Since it is written in C++, the installer file is just 2.7MB large. TextMate is made by combining all the features of basic text editor of Windows, MAC, and Linux and hence NotePad++ can be easily replaced by TextMate editor. TextMate includes all great features needed by an advanced editor and hence it is worth paying for TextMate editor. Those of us who use a Mac have to look for alternatives, and unfortunately, there are not many of them in the market.

If you find any of the entries particularly helpful, be sure to click the +1 button on the bottom of the post and share with your colleagues. Your input is encouraged, so if you have comments or are aware of more efficient tools not included in a post, I would love to hear from you. Sublime Text 2 for me is great – it gives me the html syntax highlighting i’ve been missing. There are much more things between the kernel and the user interface then dreamed of in your philosophy. I am a heavy Notepad++ user on Windows, but I am now in a Mac environment and TextWrangler is a disappointing alternative to Notepad++.

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