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Municipal Franchise Program Services

Roy Strom Refuse Removal Service, Inc. has been serving municipalities in the Chicago metropolitan area for four decades. We are the recycling and waste hauler of choice for a select group of municipalities. Roy Strom has earned a reputation for meeting our obligations and for our outstanding customer service.

Roy Strom is experienced in operating inclusive refuse, single-stream recycling, yard waste, and bulk item collection program formats.

  • Conventional alley and curbside manual collection
  • Specialized service options:
    • Rear door
    • Dual Chamber collection (one truck collects both refuse & recyclables)
    • Cart collection (Click here to view cart sizes)
    • Fully-Automated Dual Collect (carts for recycling and refuse)
    • Semi-Automated (carts for refuse and bins/carts for recycling)

Contact us if your municipality is seeking:

  • A local company that knows the area and the communities it serves
  • A company with residential franchise experience
  • A company that has developed environmentally responsible collection solutions for electronics
  • A cost-effective solution to meeting the state’s landfill ban on electronics
  • A company that focuses on customer service

Roy Strom Refuse Removal Service, Inc. looks forward to working with you to develop a convenient, customer-focused collection solution. Contact us at 708-344-5000 or 630-469-5005.

Municipal Service Programs

To learn more about how your waste and recycling program can work best for you, click on your Village.


Greener Advantage

Roy Strom offers GREENER residential and commercial services than our competitors. We work with our customers to:

  • Design residential programs that result in cleaner air, reduced municipal costs, and safer, less congested streets and alleyways
  • Offer convenient, affordable, and space-efficient commercial collection formats that provide GREENER waste collection solutions that work!

Our equipment allows us to collect refuse and recycling from commercial and residential customers in one pass with one truck and, in certain cases, in one container. The truck body is divided into two completely separate collection chambers. The materials (refuse and recyclables) are not commingled. Refuse is placed on one side of the collection hopper with recyclables on the other.

  • One truck, one pass down your alley or street provides a GREENER service advantage to your business or residential community. The number of large trucks needed to collect refuse/recyclables on public alleys and streets is cut in half. Using fewer trucks reduces:
    • GHG emissions released in commercial and residential environments
    • Damage to alleys, streets, parking lots, and utilities
    • Noise in commercial and residential environments
    • Traffic safety concerns
    • Fuel consumption
  • The specially designed GREENER collection container saves space and is more convenient
  • The GREENER dual collection format encourages recycling thus reducing the amount of waste collected for final disposal
  • Increased recycling reduces disposal costs

Roy Strom offers a number of refuse and recycling containers for commercial and residential use in its Greener Advantage and semi- and fully-automated collection programs. Click here to view recycling containers.

The opportunity to explore how a Greener Advantage solution may be developed for your business, community, multi-family building, or complex is just an email or phone call away. For more information, call 708-344-5000 or 630-469-5005.